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Martin Henderson





International Code Council (ICC) Certified Building Inspector

ICC #5189579-B5


Standard Inspection includes

SITE IMPROVEMENTS                                                                       WALKS & DRIVES

DRAINAGE                                                                                                            ROOFING

CHIMNEYS                                                                                    GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS

SIDING                                                                                                  DOORS & WINDOWS

STRUCTURE                                                                                                   FOUNDATION

BASEMENT/CRAWLSPACE                                                                                           ATTIC

APPLIANCES                                                                                                        PLUMBING

HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING                                                                          ELECTRICAL


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Serving The North Georgia Area

Adairsville, Calhoun, Cartersville, Chatsworth, Chickamuga, Dalton, Fairmount, LaFayette,

Ranger, Ringgold, Rock Spring, Rome, Rossville, Tunnel Hill, Varnell

Bartow County, Catoosa County, Floyd County, Gordon County, Murray County, Walker County, Whitfield County



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  • "While I was in the market for a new home I hired Martin to inspect a few houses. Martin's reports were clear and concise, leaving no room for doubt about the condition of the pr..."
    Austin Cherry
  • "I worked with Martin Henderson at Kirkman Architects for 24 years, and knew how extensive was his understanding of buildings, materials and construction practices. We hired Ma..."
    Carol Frost

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