North Georgia Home Inspector

International Code Council Certified Building Inspector


Our Goal:

It is our intention to serve you as quickly as possible. Weather, however, can make exterior evaluations difficult if not impossible. Therefore, we try to schedule your inspection when weather conditions are conducive to permitting a fair and objective evaluation of the property.

What is Included:

A draft report can be furnished at the completion of the field work. A formal report is provided after the observed conditions can be evaluated, and included in the report with appropriate comments.


The Inspection:

Please understand the following:

The information contained in the report is an opinion only, based on sensory observations of the inspector at the time of the inspection, and is not intended to be a guarantee. The information in the report represents the judgement of the inspector only.

The scope of a standard inspection is targeted at providing an informative, reasonably detailed, and objective evaluation of the condition of the property, so that the client understands the condition of the property.

A technically exhaustive report, although possible, is not feasible, since such a report would likely require destructive investigation, and would require an excessive amount of time to produce.

We make every effort to report any and all defects observable during the visit. However, we are human, so we can miss something, even though it is visible.

What the Inspection/Report Is:

-an opinion

-a determination of function and condition at the time of the inspection

-a judgement

What the Inspection/Report Is Not:

-technically exhaustive

-a guarantee

-a code compliance inspection

What the Inspection/Report Covers:

-visible items

-readily accessible items

What the Inspection/Report Dos Not Cover:

-out buildings & detached structures, unless specifically contracted

-termites, powder post beetles, wood destroying fungi


-moisture, unless specifically contracted

-radon, unless specifically contracted

-air quality

-septic system (tank & nitrification field)

-items specifically noted as not tested/checked/operated

-heating system in ambient temperatures above 75° F

-cooling system in ambient temperatures below 60° F


-concealed items, unless destructive investigation is contracted

-areas which put the inspector's safety at risk


Costs for an inspection vary, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the specifics of your particular requirements.

Payment is expected at the time of service.



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